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An Indian island in Tajikistan

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Mysterious India, unique meals, meteoric spices and inimitable flavor.

Indian film – Princes of Spices narrates about the magic nature of spices. Cooks often use these herbs to cook delicious meals and give maturity to them.

Indian cuisine is a flavor of surprises. If you are addicted to flavor of one food Indian cuisine gives you free choices of more flavors.

All secrets of cooking of the mysterious, inconceivable meals are not possible or faire to be shared by the Chief-Cook of Delhi Darbar, however the Chief Cook delights to amaze you with his amusing creating of the DELISH.

The East is a delicate matter, delicate in all senses, in tradition, in culture, in feeding, in ambience. If once you visit restaurant Dehli Darbar you will safely feel you visited India, been touched by the finesse of this mysterious country.

Delhi Darbar is the first Indian restaurant in Dushanbe opened in 1995. The owner of this restaurant Ms. Marziya introduce to population and guests of country the Indian cuisine and culture with their peculiarities like as Shahrizoda – the hero from Story of Thousand and One Nights tells a story one by one. Ms. Marziya day after day astonishes amazes and makes happy the visitors. From time to time Ms. Marziya improves up on her skills and knowledge of Indian cuisine and culture, ambience and even scent of foods. To be the guests of Ms. Marziya You feel desirable. The restaurant Delhi Darbar invites You in fairy-tale India!

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